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Soroptimist International of El Centro would like to thank all the women and girls that attended our Women's Equality Day photo on Tuesday August 22, 2023 on the steps of the Imperial County Superior Court in El Centro California at 6pm. This photo was coordinated to celebrate 103 years of women's right to vote and commemorates the women's suffrage movement by wearing white. For those that weren't able to attend, it is our sincerest hope that you will join us next year and if you still want to participate, please post a picture with all the women in your life wearing white to celebrate "Women Eguality Day" this Saturday August 26, 2023. Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram and happy anniversary to the 19th amendment.

Attendees (Alphabetical Order) 1. Yulil Alonso-Garza 2. Jamie Asbury 3. Icela Badilla 4. Paloma Beltran 5. Esmeralda Burch Robles 6. Martha Cardenas-Singh 7. Jaymee Chan 8. Sherrie Cowie 9. Elizabeth Espinoza 10. Valentina Estes 11. Mia Hernandez 12. AJ Gaddis 13. Gabby Garcia 14. Diahna Garcia-Ruiz 15. Denise Gibson 16. Esther Gomez 17. Heidi Gutierrez 18. Lupita Islas 19. Irene Jaime 20. Carla Kuhns 21. Vanessa Landeros 22. Ida Obeso-Martinez 23. Emily Nunez 24. Selma Pacheco 25. Maria Peinado 26. Peggy Price 27. Darlene Reverente 28. Ivonne Sotomayor 29. Staci Stratton 30. Rebecca Terrazas-Baxter 31. Jessie Villanueva 32. Valentina Villanueva 33. Anissa Ward

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