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For Women Helping Women

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The Soroptimist “Ruby Award: For Women Helping Women” honors extraordinary women who work to improve the conditions for women and girls either through personal, volunteer, or professional avenues. The recipients receiving the award have shown to have made efforts to improve the lives of women and/or girls, have had a significant impact on the lives of other women, and have inspired and encouraged other women. The recipient is recognized for the depth of her work in her community by identifying the needs of women and girls and works to address them. The recipient is perceived as being bold, creative, innovative and solutions focused.


This award was instituted in 1974 to honor the first Soroptimist International federation president, Ruby Lee Minar. The symbolism of the ruby that we associate this award with derives from both Ruby’s namesake and the qualities that are associated with the gemstone which is long considered to be the stone of love and embodies the virtues of wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, and power; all characteristics that embody the award recipients.

Soroptimist International of El Centro is now proud to announce the call for nominations of the Soroptimist "Ruby Award: For Women Helping Women". Deadline to submit nominations is March 20, 2024. Ruby Award recipients will be honored at the 2023 Wine, Women & Dessert Gala on Friday, April 12th, 2024 at the Imperial Valley Food Bank. Nomination information and instructions are available to download here. Please feel free to contact Ruby Awards Chair  Martha Cardenas-Singh at if you should have any questions or would like to submit your nomination.

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